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1040 Download Instructions

If you decide to file electronically or just need a copy to fill out by hand and mail in, you will need to download the Form 1040. Both businesses and individuals will no longer get an income tax packet in the mail. Instead, the forms, instructions, order requests and add-ons are all available online. That being said, the IRS Form 1040 has now been released. To download the form you will need to click here.

The file is able to be saved in a PDF format and viewed with Adobe Reader or Google Docs. From there it can be filled out within Adobe Reader or it can be printed out and filled out by hand.

Most people who file a Form 1040 will also find themselves needing to complete other documents such as schedules and worksheets as well. These additional documents are both to help them with certain calculations and to give the IRS a better idea of a taxpayer's profile for the purpose of assigning tax rates. To figure out which schedules you need, consult the tax schedule definition page.