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Form 1040's

Every US tax payer is required to file out a form 1040 with their tax return. A 1040 serves several purposes for the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and tax filer. First, the 1040 is one of the forms in which a tax payer will report income and qualified tax deductions to the IRS. Secondly, the form serves as a calculation guide for the amount of taxes that are owed by the tax payer.

A 1040 must be filled for all US tax payers. The form 1040 has been a requirement for US tax payers since 1916. Every year the form undergoes a series of minor changes. Therefore, tax payers must only use the form designated for the specified tax year.

Today there are 12 different variations of the form 1040. Specialized versions of the form are now available for aliens living in the US and residents of US territories such as the Virgin Islands and Porto Rico. Today, two simplified versions of the 1040 are also available for less complicated tax returns.

This website provides a free download of all 12 forms. Using this site you can find a detailed description of each 1040, determine which form you need, then request a download through email or print the form you need directly from the site.

Aside from the 1040 forms, there are also 15 different Schedules which will need to be filled for certain qualifying events. "Schedules" are IRS required attachments that many filers will need to file along with their 1040. Each Schedule represents a unique situation in which the IRS requires additional documentation. Each of these Schedules has also been made available on this site so you may download and print them along with the form 1040 you require.

The IRS also provides filers with a specific instructions for which they can use to better understand which form to select, as well as, what information they will need to complete the form including answers to questions they may have. The problem with this is, there are so many different personal situations, that the PDF they provide is extremely long; 100 pages to be exact. Printing and searching for information can become a very cumbersome task. However, should you want the official instructions provided by the IRS, you can download and print a copy from here (http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040gi.pdf).

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: We are not accountants or tax advisors. The information provided on this site in NO WAY constitutes tax advice. If you have questions about your tax situation you should contact a tax professional.